Signature Massage

The Symphony Signature Massage is a uniquely stylized composition of body work. We choreograph a massage using a variety of hands on techniques along with select instruments to make sure each part of your body is given the exact attention it needs.

Facial life and Drainage

A very gentle but highly effective way to drain excess fluid from the face. Lymphatic Drainage is done with MediCupping techniques using Phytomer products. This will not leave marks on your face and is also offered in a series of services for best results. The 60-minute session includes a neck, shoulder and scalp massage.

Prenatal Massage

Pregnacy is an amazing time for a Mom-to-be but it comes along with a whole new set of aches and pains. From shoulders to ankles, every part of the body goes through changes to accomodate new life. We use Phytomer Seatonic Firming Oil as it is proven to be safe during pregnancy and effective in reducing stretch marks.

Body Contouring

This is mostly a MediCupping service. Cups are used for Lymphatic Drainage and to release restricted facia. Phytomer products are used to help promote the circulation of lymph and reduce solid bloat. The best results are seen when done in a series of 10, 2-3 times a year as every person is different. Regular massage will support your results between each series. You take home a silicon cup and products for home upkeep. Fantastic results are seen when nutrition and exercise are a part of the plan.

Phytomer Self-Heating Mud Pack

Our Phytomer Self Heating Mud wrap is a luxurious detoxification treatment like no other. This unique and exclusive thermal marine mud helps relieve congestion and nourish the tissue. Once mixed with room temperature water the mud gently begins to heat up, simultaneously soothing the nerves and muscles. As the heat increases, so does the activity of the product, with millions of little bubbles performing a micro-massage helping to absorb every trace of tension, and improve tissue function. $10 per additional area, inquire regarding areas

Fusion FX Percussion Session

Keep your clothes on! We use a Fusion FX Massage Tool and focus on a specific soft tissue issue. The percussive action can help relieve taut, overused muscles in an almost chaotic way. There are multiple speeds and attachments including a heated attachment for more stubborn muscles.


Exercising a lot and not stretching enough? Your Therapist can help you maintain your top level with stretching techniques and specific balms formulated for flexability